Who we are?

Our organization is non -profit non government charity organization dedicated to social welfare.


the organization strives to support the poor, deprived and vulnerable people by supporting them with clothes, footwear and baby suits for social welfare and dignity of poor.


To provide clean clothes to those who need them through transparent methods using the latest digital technologies and social media.

What we Do

Cloth Bank Nepal collects clothes that have outgrown their usefulness from their owners, and donate them to the less-fortunate. CBF uses social media to connect the donor to the beneficiary.

About Us

We live in times of exciting change. A change driven by our desire to do something meaningful.
And nowhere is it more apparent than at Clothes Box Foundation, where we pursue our goal of providing one of the basic necessities i.e. clean clothing to the less-fortunate.

We live in times of exciting change.

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Cloth bank accepts and distributes


Seasonal clothing including winter attire such as coats, jackets, Dhoti, shirts, and winter blankets

Foot Wear

Here you can donate paired shoes and boots