About Cloth Bank

Cloth bank Dhanusha is non -profit non government charity organization dedicated to social welfare. It was established in 2019 and its office in Janakpurdham.  The organization distributes clothes to most needy, poor, and impoverished and victim of natural disaster to do vital work with vulnerable people in Nepal.

Seasonal clothing including winter attire such as coats, jackets, Dhoti, shirts, and winter blankets. Items for children, including free baby clothes, shoes, and other needed items. The priority is to address the needs of poor and the vulnerable people. Any donations are used to buy clothes and distribute among the needy people for the charity’s work in communities across Nepal. We help in emergency situations, such as floods, earthquakes, cold wave and other natural disasters. Donations are given to the people who need them, on their own declaration whenever they need them.Donations we receive via our clothing banks afford a route to provide affordable clothing to those that need it, as well as raise funds for charity purpose.


The money raised from the donators helps to our fund to carry out valuable work throughout country. The bank extends a helping hand to those who are homeless, deprived and in severe need of clothes in winter. They passionately believe that no one is beyond hope, however great their problems. That disadvantaged people are given respect and access to social and spiritual support.  The cloth bank doesn’t accept used (old) clothes on the ground of health and social values as wearing of used clothes are social degradation.