Cloth Distribution

The cloth bank distributes cloth to poor, homeless, orphan and victimized people. It also distributes cloth to the people who lost everything because of natural disaster like flood, fire storm, earthquake, landslide etc. it helps those people who has obligation to reveal their body because of lack of cloth. It helps to promote social and gender equality in the society.


Cloth collection

The cloth bank accepts cloth from any individual who wants to give their hand to fulfill the mission of this organization. It also receives donation either money or cloth from different INGOs and NGOs. It accepts cloth from organization, clubs, Industrialist, social worker, Government and so on. The bank moves door to door to collect cloths for serving the needy people.


The cloth bank organize different sorts of program which helps human mankind.

 Our services are mostly concentrated to the poor, needy and impoverished people. Our mission is to provide people with clothes for their physical safety and social dignity. Our motto is no one has to suffer against the seasonal impacts of heat and cold waves and save them from social degradation like half naked and nakedness.

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Seasonal clothing including winter attire such as coats, jackets, Dhoti, shirts, and winter blankets
  • Items for children, including free baby clothes, shoes, and other needed items.